Customer story

Raute relies on Alfaroc regarding new packing and warehousing services

Raute is a technology and service provider with global operations. The company’s customers include wood product suppliers, typically manufacturing veneer, plywood, laminated veneer lumber, and lumber.

Raute’s technological solutions include machines and devices that cover its customers’ entire production chain. It also offers maintenance, spare part and training services. Its head office is located in Nastola in Lahti.

Alfaroc’s collaboration with Raute began in spring 2014, when Raute selected a new packing and warehousing service provider via a bidding process. Alfaroc’s strong experience and extensive knowledge of the logistics sector were the deciding factors in the choice of the service provider.

“To kick off the process, we worked together with Alfaroc to prepare detailed function descriptions and then we agreed on matters on a strategic and operational level. Their expertise and true desire to develop our logistics in collaboration with us were evident throughout the process,” explains Marjo Tuominen, who is responsible for the operation of Raute’s warehouses, delivery monitoring and logistics.

Project packing as a specialty

Alfaroc is also responsible for in-house and outbound logistics at Raute’s unit in Nastola. Up to 25 Alfaroc employees work at the Nastola unit.

In addition, one person based at Alfaroc’s logistics center in Kujala is fully occupied by Raute’s operations because the company’s components made by subcontractors are shipped from Kujala.

The operations are given their special character by project packing.

The production lines and devices produced and delivered by Raute are tested either as parts or assembled entities at the Nastola production facility.

After the test run, the lines are dismantled and packed up. Alfaroc is responsible for packing up the lines and loading them into trucks or containers.

“Our collaboration with Alfaroc has developed into a seamless partnership. We all pull together, no matter which company we work for,” says Tuominen.

Mobile workforce as a key factor

Typical features of project-based business include investment decisions’ dependence on the global situation and unpredictability of schedules.

The need for workforce fluctuates strongly in line with the economic situation. “For us, the main benefit of outsourcing is having a mobile workforce. When we are experiencing a quieter period, Alfaroc can arrange other work for its employees. It is of course better for employees as well that their employment continues,” explains Tuominen.

Alfaroc’s expertise and sincere desire to develop our logistics in collaboration with us was evident. - Marjo Tuominen, Raute