Added-value services

You will save time and your supply chain becomes more efficient

In addition to warehousing and logistics services, we offer added-value services designed to make your operations more efficient. Such services include in-store display and pricing services.

Added value is created when you can serve your customer faster. By outsourcing the service, you can save your own resources and avoid moving items unnecessarily from one place to another.

Added-value services available with your warehousing contract include:

  • Shop display services
  • Pricing services
  • Quality inspection services
  • Labeling services
  • Printing and sewing services
  • Packing services
  • Assembly services

Benefits for you and your company:

  • You will have your products rapidly set for sale
  • Your customer will receive the product as ready for use as possible and in the desired form
  • Your logistical chain becomes more efficient, and we can further develop it
  • You will save your resources, and have access to skilled professionals and the latest technologies and tools in the industry

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