Outsourcing warehouse operations

You only pay for the premises you need – not for spare space

When you want to outsource your warehouse operations, we design and realize a fully customized storage solution for your company. Because our services scale to changes in volume and seasonal fluctuations in your operations, you only pay for the work actually performed and the space you need.


Our new logistics center in Kujala offers 27,000 m² of modern, cost-efficient storage space within only an hour’s drive from the Helsinki capital region. Outsourcing will improve the quality of your logistical process, reduce costs, and transform fixed costs into variable ones.


When you outsource your warehouse operations, we will take care of:

  • Storing your products optimally in a small parts shelf or on pallet racks
  • Reception, inspection and shelving of goods
  • Collecting, packing and dispatching your orders
  • Provision of added value services (such as assembly and pricing services, and quality inspections)
  • Comprehensive reporting (KPI)

Benefits for you and your company:

  • You will have access to modern storage space designed for logistical operations
  • You will have skilled and motivated people to help you
  • Your fixed storage space and staff costs will become variable costs
  • Your storage costs will decrease and become transparent
  • System integration will provide cost efficiency
  • The quality of your logistics processes will improve

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