Employee Story

Hanna has proceeded from warehouse duties to becoming an expert in financial administration

Hanna Forsell started temping at Alfaroc’s Sopenkorpi warehouse in Lahti in 2011. She worked as a seasonal warehouse worker until fall 2015.

“At that time, my life was pretty busy. I studied educational sciences at the University of Jyväskylä and built two detached houses while looking after my children. Seasonal work was an ideal solution in that situation,” says Hanna.

When it comes to work, Hanna says she has gone “with the flow”. Her career choices were influenced by business studies she performed when she was younger.

In 2016, Hanna took an office job at Alfaroc and now she is responsible for the company’s financial administration. Her job description includes managing the procurement and sales ledger, payroll operations and monthly reporting to the accountant.

“Alfaroc has a really low organizational hierarchy. Employees can contact me directly, which is a pleasant and down-to-earth way of doing things. Matters can be dealt with efficiently, without wasting time on red tape,” explains Hanna.

Financial administration tasks are tied to a certain schedule because wages and invoices must be dealt with by a certain date each month. The work requires some ability to cope with stress and good people skills. The company is expanding and gaining new customers, which adds variety to the work and introduces new challenges.

Values guide the operations

Hanna has never hesitated to take on a responsibility. Even as a seasonal worker, she acted as a substitute for her team leader at the warehouse in Sopenkorpi. She has been impressed by Alfaroc’s value-based management culture.

“Over the years, I’ve witnessed how Alfaroc’s values guide the company’s operations at the warehouse and office instead of just remaining empty talk. “’Walk the talk’ are not just words here.”

She sees a bright future for herself at Alfaroc. Planning to attend more training, she feels that one day she may be able to combine her work experience and studies in educational sciences and business in her work.

“Anything’s possible if you have an open mind and want to learn new things. In order to thrive, you have to do you work well,” says Hanna.

Alfaroc’s values are not just empty words. ’Walk the talk’ are not just words here.